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Answers for the Glass Industry

Special Melting Facilities
  • Platinum melter
  • Specific day tanks
  • Induction heated furnaces
  • Crucible melting facilities
  • Pot furnaces
Chemical Strengthening of Glass

Our chemical strengthening lines

are noted for their

  • functioning and robustness
  • low energy consumption
  • high degree of automation
  • ease of operation
  • low maintenance cost
Heat Treatment Equipment
  • Belt tempering lines
  • Spindle type tempering lines
  • Rim tempering machines
  • Specific bending furnaces
  • Ceramizing ovens
  • Custom-designed special lehrs
Tube Drawing Lines
  • Danner, Vello-, Down draw process
  • Production of tubes, capillaries, rods (<1 mm – 400 mm)
  • High quality tubes for pharmaceutical packaging
  • Lines for borosilicate, lead, soda lime, and alumosilicate glass
Glass Blow Production Lines
  • Forming machines
  • Transport and handling
  • Annealing and tempering
  • Processing
Laser Machinery Systems
  • Laser hot cutting of blow products
  • Laser hot cutting of tubes
  • Laser bending of thin glass
  • Laser welding
  • Laser cutting of flat glass
Special Machinery
  • Specific forming and casting equipment
  • Batch charging machines
  • High precision feeder mechanisms
  • Processing equipment
  • Transport and handling equipment
  • Special machines on customer request
Special Machinery / Non Glass

Development, planning, construction of custom-designed machines for

  • aircraft industry
  • solar industry
  • electronic industry
  • automotive industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • medical industry
Technical Center
  • Glass melting services
    • Melting tests and raw material assessments
    • Melting technology investigations
    • Measurement of physical properties of glass melts (el. conductivity, viscosity)
    • Corrosion tests (refractory and electrode materials)
  • Glass production on customer request
  • Test facilities for chemical strengthening
  • Laser hot cutting test station
  • Laser bending test facility